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April 18, 2008



Noelle that is a great idea and brilliant tutorial , Well done.


Beautiful Noelle, really really pretty....I think this might be a project for some little ladies in school this week ! Thanks a million


Noelle, that is just lovely. It's years since I made woven boxes, must give it another go.

Liz ,

lovely .. I will have to give this one a try with DD!! Thanks.


What an unusual and innovative class Noell, not to mention useful!

Kate Walsh

This is gorgeous Noelle, Love it. Thanks for a brilliant class.


OOOHHHHH its fab!!!! Noelle I love it, thanks so much for such a different take - lovely to see you thinking outside of the basket ;-)


Noelle, I love your tutorial, so unusual! It's brilliant.


Thanks Noelle for a great class. Definately one to try with the kids during the week. They'll love it!


Noelle, this is such a cute class and really fantastic instructions. Thank you for the wonderful class :)


That is fantastic!! I have to make one for my little one. She would be thrilled with it! :)

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